LookSmart® API v4.0 Developer Implementation Guide
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Implementation Guide

version 3

Versioning and Compatibility

This is version 4 of the API, the prior version being version 3. Each successive version of the API is incremented in whole numbers and is reflected in the URL namespace of the WSDL files associated with each service. For example, the URL for the Accounts Service is:


A version increment does not by itself imply a major upgrade from the previous version. Also, backward compatibility of the new version of the API completely depends on the Depending on the nature of the upgrade. There have been cases where a new version of the LookSmart® API v4.0 has not been backwards compatible with a previous version.

Once an advertiser begins to use ad groups functionality in LookSmart® they must use version 4 of the API version 3 does not support the use of multiple ads per ad group.

The major change introduced in version 4 of the API, is the Ad Groups Service, which provides methods and data structures for managing all ad groups within a campaign. The introduction of ad groups represents a major shift in the way advertiser accounts are structured. Now, ads are associated with an ad group instead of a campaign. Similarly, keywords are associated with a an ad group instead of an individual ad.

With ad groups advertisers are now able to target a list of keywords to a group of ads. Ad groups funcationality also includes ad rotation, which allows advertisers the ability to specify how they want the different ads within the ad group displayed.

Support for older versions of the API

Legacy versions of the API are maintained in production for a period of time from the public launch of the succeeding version. At present, LookSmart. Ltd. have no timeline for sun-setting version 3 of the API.