LookSmart® API v4.0 Developer Implementation Guide
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About this document

The purpose of this document is to introduce developers to the LookSmart® API v4.0, a programmatic interface which can be used to manage to LookSmart® advertiser accounts.

Please note that this document not only assumes that you are familiar with web services in general and SOAP programming in the specific, but that you also have at the very least a passing slight familiarity the programming language you will be using to connect to the API.

About LookSmart®

LookSmart® is a web site that allows advertisers to buy and run text ads on web sites operated by or affiliated with LookSmart. Ltd.. Advertisers can manage creative (ad copy), targeting (keywords), and bids as well as track performance of their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Purpose of the API

The LookSmart® API v4.0 provides programmatic access to most of the campaign management and reporting functions available in the user interface. It not only gives advertisers the freedom to develop custom software solutions to manage their LookSmart. Ltd. advertising, but also furnishes technology vendors with a means of integrating their bid manageament and reporting tools with LookSmart. Ltd..

At present, the LookSmart® API v4.0 is freely available to any advertiser with a valid user account. However, users are required to obtain an access token in order to be able to authenticate their software against the webservice.